Remedy, oh remedy!

Walls of delusional existence
Lights of framing reference
Reflections of darkened solitude
Loneliness of awakening realities.

Agitation of provoking sorrows
Sorrows filled with failure
Failure of achieving the achievement
Achievement of disturbed ventures.

Roof without a base
They asked for a roof without a base
Roof they got, base was just a ploy
Vague was the base meager was the skeleton

Failure it was, as it should have been
For success comes with intrigued scope
Scope originated from disoriented beliefs
Beliefs that were compiled intuitions.

Lost they were, lost they shall be
They were allies with dreaming
Awakening sorrows resulting invisible wounds
Whilst solitude was their only remedy.
Solitude, was their only remedy.


One Day, That Day.

Skimming through your deep
Diving in your shallows
Provoking your inner existence
Sewing your bizarreness together
Wanting to be wanted
Thee vagueness of the perplexing
Meagerness of gratitude
Sloppiness of sunshine
Blunt with stones
Beauty within the beaut existence
Contorting yourself outwards
Clueless of happenings
Plethoric slanderous
Impeccable flaws
Flawless vestigial past
Signs of imaginative wondrous
Stars of blood
Tears of perplexity
Emotions contorting undeniably
On the failing verge to control
Falling, yet failing every time you stand again
Yet you stand up, telling
Telling yourself One Day
That day. Yes that day!

Oh stars, oh stars

Oh stars, oh stars
Why you shine so bright
Glimmer so tight
When the time is right.

The gloomy darkness aversion
Skeptical for hope
Eradicating last man’s stand
The irrefutable shine, one looks for his whole day!

Clinging to the curvy lines of sharpness
The great bear, the North Star
Dot-dot joining like child’s play
Still finding happiness in the gloomy night

Oh the smile you bring
The memories that shine
and that shimmery sight
Enough to take us through the night

Those feeble dots in the clearing
Making flowers, names and opaqueness out of stars
Funny it is. Childish it looks
Doesn’t matter because it’s not your critic’s life

Those who babble it to be futile
Haven’t been born yet I assume
Because no matter what you do
The life’s gotta be lived by you!

You just need to have a little faith

Unclear dreams of vague passions,
Visions of great wannabes,
Following the footsteps of the glorious past,
Wannabes of the great future.

Reluctant to proceed
Fearful to take a step.
That’s all you need at first,
And desserts is all you see then.

Martin Luther, the pride, the courage.
An example of the examples.
Idols of the deprived,
Hope to hopeless.

It’s the call to make,
A living hell or paradise worth living
Burning your soul for a better tomorrow,
In hope for a better tomorrow-land.

Loather’s disbelief and reprimands
True they ought to be.
But I ask you! What if, what is, what if,
Disbelievers apprehends, are just another imaginary concussion.

A blow to your faith,
Suffocation to your dreams,
Meager obstacles towards your being!
But to overcome?
You just need to have a little faith!