Oh stars, oh stars

Oh stars, oh stars
Why you shine so bright
Glimmer so tight
When the time is right.

The gloomy darkness aversion
Skeptical for hope
Eradicating last man’s stand
The irrefutable shine, one looks for his whole day!

Clinging to the curvy lines of sharpness
The great bear, the North Star
Dot-dot joining like child’s play
Still finding happiness in the gloomy night

Oh the smile you bring
The memories that shine
and that shimmery sight
Enough to take us through the night

Those feeble dots in the clearing
Making flowers, names and opaqueness out of stars
Funny it is. Childish it looks
Doesn’t matter because it’s not your critic’s life

Those who babble it to be futile
Haven’t been born yet I assume
Because no matter what you do
The life’s gotta be lived by you!


You just need to have a little faith

Unclear dreams of vague passions,
Visions of great wannabes,
Following the footsteps of the glorious past,
Wannabes of the great future.

Reluctant to proceed
Fearful to take a step.
That’s all you need at first,
And desserts is all you see then.

Martin Luther, the pride, the courage.
An example of the examples.
Idols of the deprived,
Hope to hopeless.

It’s the call to make,
A living hell or paradise worth living
Burning your soul for a better tomorrow,
In hope for a better tomorrow-land.

Loather’s disbelief and reprimands
True they ought to be.
But I ask you! What if, what is, what if,
Disbelievers apprehends, are just another imaginary concussion.

A blow to your faith,
Suffocation to your dreams,
Meager obstacles towards your being!
But to overcome?
You just need to have a little faith!

Even idols fail us

Like a seesaw that goes up and down
Like a swing that goes to and forth
Like mood that swings
Like a mother who cares,
It’s inevitable what happens around.

Even the angels fall short
Even the best becomes the worst
Even the never-leaving leave
Even the forever ends.

Time falls short
Personalities fall short
People get lost
Blames become pains.

Regrets on their verge,
Pains on their peaks,
Taunts to their extremes,
Morality to its least.

Living an ecstatic
Yet profoundly real life,
It’s the way to live
Because in the end
Even idols fail us.

Wake-up Calls

A happy life it is
Suffocating with necessities
Giving some to none,
Having all instead of some.

Speechless over meaningful,
Meaningless yet meaningful 
Babbling over futile
The best possible use it could be. No?

Erect besides mirrors,
More of show,
None of integrity
Blissful over conditional unctuousness.

Ecstatic living though unavailing
A crazy sense of humor that is,
Vaguely vague, a crazy fool that is
Still happy over praises of puny use.

Snap Snap. Wakeup it’s time
A time to open our eyes
and eyeball ourselves,
What a wonderfully useful life we lead, no?

Triumph over joyless victories,
Rivers cried over nada.
Betrayed by honesty,
Because they were loved by lie.

I’m ready!

I’m ready, I’m ready.
Ready for a new beginning,
I’m stronger,
I’ve learnt, I’m ready.
Past haunts, make yourself haunt it.
Meager in thoughts, productive in acts,
Make it a wreck or a living paradise.
It’s up to me,
Whether to exalt or to get exasperated.
I’m ready, I’m ready.
To face it again; with a bit persuasive courage.
I’m ready to fight it,
I’m ready to stand for the cause,
I’m ready to be unctuous,
I’m ready to sacrifice.
I’m ready.

Fly free, flee away.

Walk by, slow down,
Stare and smile,
Feel free, and keep on staring,
Smile more, be happy.

Go ahead, a step ahead,
Watch it fly free,
You fly free,
Feel free!

Stand up,
Just for no reason,
Times come without reason,
some stay as memories, some leave.

Nothing ever stays,
that’s what life is I guess,
deep, like a heart full of everything,
Still has space to carry tears.

Emotions, more of a character?
Shallow? Can’t be,
Deep? Maybe,
Perfection? You never know.

Think, it’s time to.
Believe, time won’t come again,
Trust, act instead of finding the one to,
Live, before it’s too late.