The sorrows of the sorrow less man

Hey, sorrow?
I realised
I NEED to talk to you.

I needed you in my blindfolded bliss
Overshadowed your existence
I was happy
Fooled myself, it’d last
Joyous of life around me
Forgot you were bound to come around
Indulged in making the perfect happiness
Forgot to create the imperfections in my perfections
Borrowed that beautiful smile of yours
Yet, oversaw you.

Hey sorrow?
Why didn’t you remind me before.

I loved your happiness
But I still lived
Tried to starve to death
Forgot my death would be yours
I wanted happiness to win
Forgot it was never a competition
I got it all wrong
And even now when I think of it?

There was no right way.



And finally, he understood

A palpable feigning of happily ever after
A luring mind’s charming functionality
The alluring trap was laid
But the white roses were ravishing

Unconscious of the height
The captivating step was taken
Panting and gasping, the fall was unexpected
So was the foolish anticipation that endured

The alluring trap was gratifyingly welcomed
An impending doom, within a delightful scenery
Only macabreness, a consequence
Yet, gratifyingly welcomed

Inducing a befuddling winged sensation
The coveted fantasy was coming true
Suddenly, a perturbed sensation
Contorted him from within

Bewildered, he tried to let go of himself
Clenching everything from that illusion
Yet inches from fatality
He woke up to reality

The impending death, being lackadaisical
Fond of delusions, an angel came to sight
Yearning for gentle touches filled with life
He welcomed the patting with an open heart

Felt a startling pang; such an imbecile.
Do good, have good being his notions
He had overlooked where he lived.
He, who had a caring nature

He tried to recall, ‘It’s never too late’
Oh, but he so was.
The angel ripped him apart
Suffocated whatever hope was left

Smothering meticulously every desire left
The angel had purified him
He was ready now.
A new soul, just without a respawn button

Didn’t take him long to understand.
Screamed for anyone’s ear
Cried for someone’s heed
But he knew now, it was too late.

The berating continued for an eternity
Only for him to realise,
He needed to be like the angel
Not the angel’s help.

The AntMan

End Semester Project: Object Oriented Programming

Spring Session 2016


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could become the size of an ant or double the size you are? If not, you are certainly going to get a strong idea through this game.
The AntMan is a role playing game game of the very idea, orchestrated on the basis of a fictional Marvel movie character, Ant Man.

The concept of Object Oriented Programming has been implemented in the making of this game.
You’d be wondering what Object Oriented Programming is. Well Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model organized around objects rather than “actions” and data rather than logic. One of the principal advantages of object-oriented programming techniques over procedural programming techniques is that they enable programmers to create modules that do not need to be changed when a new type of object is added. A programmer can simply create a new object that inherits many of its features from existing objects.

Even when you have an idea and the immaculate basis of Object Oriented Programming, a programmer certainly needs a platform to transform his visionary ideas into graphical output. The platform we used is Unity – Game Engine. Some of the famous games such as Temple Run Trilogy, Assassin’s Creed: Identity, Dead Trigger, Tiger Woods PGA Tour were made using this very platform.
Unity is primarily a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites. Unity is notable for its ability to target games to multiple platforms. Within a project, developers have control over delivery to mobile devices, web browsers, desktops, and consoles.

The AntMan is first person game designed in 3D. The character has to perform certain tasks such as to reach from one place to another which involves using strategies, real life actions such as jumping, running and its size changing capabilities. This thrilling and adventure game demands keen on-screen observation.

The coding of The AntMan is done in C Sharp. There has been an intense use of scripting in the game development, for instance there’s a script named ‘char control’ which is used to control all the possible actions of the character. The wonders of Object Oriented Programming kicks in here, making us realize that all actions such as running, moving, jumping, size up, size down etc. every action is catered within this script. Some of the functions used in the script are:

void OnCollisionEnter (Collision col) {

if ( == “Floor”) {
grounded = true;
print (“Grounded”);
if (col.gameObject.tag == “Mutant”) {
col.gameObject.GetComponent<Animator> ().SetBool (“Punch”, true);
col.gameObject.GetComponent<Enemy> ().active = false;
if (col.gameObject.tag == “Level”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextB”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Time.timeScale = 0.5f;
Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel + 1);
if (col.gameObject.tag == “Health”) {
print (“Health Recieved”);
HealthFull = true;
source.PlayOneShot (FullHealth);
Destroy (col.gameObject);
if ( == “InstrA”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextD”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
if ( == “InstrB”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextE”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
Invoke (“InstructionsOff”, 5f);
if ( == “InstrC”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextF”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
Invoke (“InstructionsOff”, 5f);
if ( == “InstrD”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextG”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
if ( == “InstrE”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextH”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
Invoke (“InstructionsOff”, 5f);
if ( == “InstrF”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextI”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
Invoke (“InstructionsOff”, 5f);
if ( == “InstrG”) {
GameObject.Find(“TextJ”).GetComponent<Text>().enabled = true;
Destroy (col.gameObject);
Invoke (“InstructionsOff”, 5f);

The OnCollisionEnter function enables us to detect collisions and perform appropriate actions. The function has been used to give onscreen instructions, helping the player to learn while playing this frenzy.

Similarly, there’s another script named ‘pad button’ script which is used to open and close doors. Now the advantage Object Oriented Programming gives us here is that this script can be used to move even a stone or any object (if we implement the script on the particular object). All classes are derived from Unity 3D engine’s mono-behavior class.

Some of the basic controls in the game are mentioned below. Furthermore, as you progress in the game, the hints keep on introducing you with new possible actions and keys.

Arrow keys (↑↓←→) and W,A,S,D keys for movement.
E Key for light up power
Q Key for size change
Shift Key for sprint
Space Key for jump
+,= keys for changing camera viewing angle
F Key to Shoot Magic Effects to kill enemies

The Demo Video is:


Ironic delusions

Glimmer all you want 
Shimmer all you can 
Even the brightest stars?
Need the darkness’ appreciation. 

Try all you want
Blend in all you can
Even the best? 
Need the worst’s presence. 

Be the statue of good will
You’ll desperately need ill will
Desperately. Desperately. 

Fall. Don’t call for help. 
Don’t be a coward. 
Pick up yourself, yourself! 

Make yourself erect 
Endure the pain, endure it. 
You’ll suffice with the meager victory 
You’ll deserved it. At least you’ll.

Muster up all your dignity,
That’s wasn’t an ornament to be sold, 
It was the core, 
You don’t give your gravity away. 

Stop pointing others, 
You’ve been mocking yourself
For quite so long,
Scattering yourself into dust. 

Obstacles will come. 
You will get exasperated. 
You will give up. 
Do so but don’t let others pick you up. 

For it’s you, just you
Your castle, you the king, your kingdom. 

Smother your existence out of delusions 
You call them delusions? 
Merely harmful? 
Oh you’d wish they were.

Prioritizing your priorities won’t help. 
They’d hardly move a pebble.
You convinced yourself it would, didn’t you?
Leaps of faith, faith; that’s what you need!

The reminder!

A friend sent this, thought should share.

Life is unpredictable. But I always thought I could predict what was going to happen next. It was only six days ago. I was driving home with my friends, Malik and Omar. It was Eid night. We had just watched the movie Saw 3 at the cinema. It was 11:46pm when I glanced at the clock on the dashboard and realized I hadn’t made Isha But I didn’t say anything, as not to upset the mood. Just three hours earlier I put off the Isha until after the movie. Now I was running out of time. I only lived 22 years. My 23rd birthday was exactly two weeks away. I always imagined I would live long. At least until age 60. It just wasn’t imaginable that I would have such a sudden, unexpected death. I had graduated from University last year with a degree that means absolutely nothing right now. Shortly after, I landed a job as the marketing director of a major clothing company. Aside from the usual life problems, I was living a normal life. My girlfriend of 4 years was starting to pressure me into us getting a place together. I knew I wasn’t supposed to have a girlfriend in the first place but I enjoyed her company and friendship. I wasn’t ready to give that up. I used to always tell myself that eventually I would marry her. Plus, what would these few years of living a sinful life mean by the time I got older? My job, girlfriend and life-long friends took up the majority of my time. It seemed I never had time to offer salah. I hardly even had time to sit down and eat. Offering salah was always something that continuously bugged me. The more I postponed my salahs, the more it irritated me. I did give an effort to keep up on my salahs. But for the last two years of my life I gave up. I pretty much stopped making salah altogether. I never made it home in time to make salah that day. Saw 3 was a walk through the rose garden compared to what I was about to experience. I was doing 85 on the 10 freeway. At 12 midnight, 85 mph is not considered speeding. Omar flipped through FM radio stations searching for a song he liked. Malik had fallen asleep in the back seat. I began to doze off too. I used to hate when that happened. I shook out of what seemed like a 10 second snooze. I tried to keep my eyes open. But again I dozed off. Omar screamed, ‘HEY! It was too late. The car struck the center divider and spun back into the flow of traffic. An oncoming car hit my door. That car was also hit by another vehicle. We finally came to a halt somewhere in the middle of the freeway, a hundred yards from the spot of the collision. I didn’t feel any pain. I was just dizzy, I heard Omar and Malik moaning as good civilians tried pulling us from the wreck. I wasn’t rescued until the fire fighters arrived. It was quite a task recovering my battered body from my totaled car. Breathing became difficult. The fire fighters huddled around me and frantically applie device after device. ‘He’s not gonna make it,’ I heard one of them say. I ‘m not gonna make it? How? I didn’t feel like I was dying. I felt nothing. My heart started pounding. I was soaked in sweat and blood. I saw Malik standing over the top of me with tears in his eyes. ‘Don’t quit on me’, he told me. At that time I knew it was over. I started to cry. The fire fighters moved him away as they made last attempts to revive me. I died. An angel came to me and removed my soul. I watched him fly away with it in disbelief. ‘How could you? I’m not even 27,’ I pleaded. ‘It’s time,’ he told me and left. Two minutes later they pulled a white sheet over me. Omar and Malik, apparently doing better than me, pulled the sheet back to look at me one last time. They cried their eyeballs out, I had known then over since I was 13 years old and had never seen either one cry. It was a depressing sight. The ride to the morgue, until then, was the worst experience I ever had. I was alone. It was dark and cold. I missed my mom. I missed my brother. I missed my sister. I wished I had spent that last night with my family instead of with Omar and Malik. I worried what my mother was going to do when she saw me in this state. I was ugly. When we finally arrived, I was placed in another cold room with dozens of other dead people. I missed my family so much. Every so often a family came in to view their dead. I always thought it was my family but it wasn’t. Hour after hour passed. No mom. No dad. I started to cry again. Then one odd hour I recognised voices. My father walked in with my mother in his arms. His face worn from stress. Hers wet with tears. They just stared into my eyes and cried. I stared back. I wanted to tell them I loved them. I couldn’t. I wanted to hug them. I couldn’t. Mom stroked my bloodied hair and left. I was to be buried the next day. When my parents left, it hit me. I never made Isha! My heart jumped out of my chest. I owed Allah a salah and failed to deliver it to him. I had hundreds of missed salahs over the past two years. Now I was about to face him. I felt powerless. For those of you who have never experienced guilt at death, there is not a worldly feeling that amounts to it. It is guilt and sorrow at another level. I tried getting up to make Isha but I couldn’t move. It was over. I had no second chance. Then I began to think back. I never knew my memory was so good. I had more than enough time to ponder as I was awaiting my burial. I literally remembered every single salah I missed and the reasons why I missed them. Most were laziness, procrastination and neglectfulness. I knew I was in trouble. I wished they would take longer to bury me. I failed! I failed! I failed! My girlfriend paid me a visit. She was a devil. When I was alive I saw her as a pretty angel. My pretty angel who loved me and would do anything to make me happy. If I had the ability, I would have cursed her and demanded her to leave the morgue. She put her hand on my forehead. I allowed her to do that for that past four years. Now that I opposed to it, I could do nothing about it. The devil cried for hours at my side. She just would not leave. I felt cheated. I felt like she pulled a prank on me for the past couple years of my life. I hated this devil! She was ugly! She smelled horrible! She finally left. As she walked out the door my heart was filled with fear and anxiety. The funeral was simple. My body was washed. I didn’t seem to care that my naked body was exposed. My worries far surpassed my desire to be modest. I was wrapped in three white sheets. About 300 people attended my funeral. I was saddened not to see my mom at the funeral. I wished she came to see me one last time before they put me in the ground. I never knew so many people cared about me. Many just stared at the tightly wrapped figure in disbelief. Others cried and cried some more. The mass prayed for me. Thousands of individual prayers were made. They asked Allah to have mercy on me. They asked him to forgive me. I wanted to pray for myself but I couldn’t speak. I was helpless. I was carried to the hole in the middle of the barren desert. The people followed. It seemed like slow motion. I didn’t want to go. If I had 24 bonus hours I would pray non-stop. They lowered me into the ground. The anticipation was eating away at me. I had surely failed life. I thought back on everything I had worked so hard to accomplish. I earned a college degree. I had a well paying job. I spent hours and hours in the weight room ever since I was 16 years olddeveloping my body. I had a pretty girlfriend who loved me. In that life, that was a badge of honor. But as they were lowering me into this grave, which seemed like it took forever, I realized that I couldn’t use any of those ‘accomplishments’. If only I had been that dedicated to making salah five times daily, I would have been at peace right now. Instead I am a nervous wreck beyond anything you all can comprehend. Dirt fell in the hole. Darkness overcame my new home. The last shovels of sand filled the grave. Everyone sadly walked away. The graveyard started to empty. Family by family. Mine was the last to leave. The attendant left. By nightfall it was just me. All alone. My wrapping was soaked in sweat. I nervously awaited the angels to come and question me. My only wish right now is to make one more Sujood, and prostrate to the Al Mighty ALLAH and ask Him to forgive my sins, but it is too late!

Remedy, oh remedy!

Walls of delusional existence
Lights of framing reference
Reflections of darkened solitude
Loneliness of awakening realities.

Agitation of provoking sorrows
Sorrows filled with failure
Failure of achieving the achievement
Achievement of disturbed ventures.

Roof without a base
They asked for a roof without a base
Roof they got, base was just a ploy
Vague was the base meager was the skeleton

Failure it was, as it should have been
For success comes with intrigued scope
Scope originated from disoriented beliefs
Beliefs that were compiled intuitions.

Lost they were, lost they shall be
They were allies with dreaming
Awakening sorrows resulting invisible wounds
Whilst solitude was their only remedy.
Solitude, was their only remedy.