And finally, he understood

A palpable feigning of happily ever after
A luring mind’s charming functionality
The alluring trap was laid
But the white roses were ravishing

Unconscious of the height
The captivating step was taken
Panting and gasping, the fall was unexpected
So was the foolish anticipation that endured

The alluring trap was gratifyingly welcomed
An impending doom, within a delightful scenery
Only macabreness, a consequence
Yet, gratifyingly welcomed

Inducing a befuddling winged sensation
The coveted fantasy was coming true
Suddenly, a perturbed sensation
Contorted him from within

Bewildered, he tried to let go of himself
Clenching everything from that illusion
Yet inches from fatality
He woke up to reality

The impending death, being lackadaisical
Fond of delusions, an angel came to sight
Yearning for gentle touches filled with life
He welcomed the patting with an open heart

Felt a startling pang; such an imbecile.
Do good, have good being his notions
He had overlooked where he lived.
He, who had a caring nature

He tried to recall, ‘It’s never too late’
Oh, but he so was.
The angel ripped him apart
Suffocated whatever hope was left

Smothering meticulously every desire left
The angel had purified him
He was ready now.
A new soul, just without a respawn button

Didn’t take him long to understand.
Screamed for anyone’s ear
Cried for someone’s heed
But he knew now, it was too late.

The berating continued for an eternity
Only for him to realise,
He needed to be like the angel
Not the angel’s help.


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