Ironic delusions

Glimmer all you want 
Shimmer all you can 
Even the brightest stars?
Need the darkness’ appreciation. 

Try all you want
Blend in all you can
Even the best? 
Need the worst’s presence. 

Be the statue of good will
You’ll desperately need ill will
Desperately. Desperately. 

Fall. Don’t call for help. 
Don’t be a coward. 
Pick up yourself, yourself! 

Make yourself erect 
Endure the pain, endure it. 
You’ll suffice with the meager victory 
You’ll deserved it. At least you’ll.

Muster up all your dignity,
That’s wasn’t an ornament to be sold, 
It was the core, 
You don’t give your gravity away. 

Stop pointing others, 
You’ve been mocking yourself
For quite so long,
Scattering yourself into dust. 

Obstacles will come. 
You will get exasperated. 
You will give up. 
Do so but don’t let others pick you up. 

For it’s you, just you
Your castle, you the king, your kingdom. 

Smother your existence out of delusions 
You call them delusions? 
Merely harmful? 
Oh you’d wish they were.

Prioritizing your priorities won’t help. 
They’d hardly move a pebble.
You convinced yourself it would, didn’t you?
Leaps of faith, faith; that’s what you need!



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