You just need to have a little faith

Unclear dreams of vague passions,
Visions of great wannabes,
Following the footsteps of the glorious past,
Wannabes of the great future.

Reluctant to proceed
Fearful to take a step.
That’s all you need at first,
And desserts is all you see then.

Martin Luther, the pride, the courage.
An example of the examples.
Idols of the deprived,
Hope to hopeless.

It’s the call to make,
A living hell or paradise worth living
Burning your soul for a better tomorrow,
In hope for a better tomorrow-land.

Loather’s disbelief and reprimands
True they ought to be.
But I ask you! What if, what is, what if,
Disbelievers apprehends, are just another imaginary concussion.

A blow to your faith,
Suffocation to your dreams,
Meager obstacles towards your being!
But to overcome?
You just need to have a little faith!


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